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Montgomery Service Consulting has developed a four-day Service Training course. The curriculum has been designed in a way that participation in such a program is valuable to both the beginner and accomplished service professional alike. No matter what the staff's existing skill level, the training is sure to elevate the staff's service skills and fine-tune the way they serve the Clients. This training is ideal for Clients whose desire it is to have every staff member be able to provide service at a dinner party if required.

During the proposed four-day Service Training, the staff will gain skills such as:

  • Fully understanding the Client's Service Standards, even though they may have never been formally identified before
  • How to appropriately interact with guests, from answering the door through completion of the guest's visit
  • Cocktail hour and passing hors d' oeuvres
  • How to set a formal dinner table
  • How to serve wine, bar keeping, and mixology
  • How to serve with confidence and skill

The first day of training defines the essence of true service, with the second and third days emphasizing hands-on "doing and practicing". Finally, the fourth day comprises a thorough review of the course material and a non-traditional final exam, which is an engaging exercise to test the staff member's retention of the material. For the "final exam" on the fourth and final day of training, the Clients are encouraged to host a dinner party as a testament to their staff's newfound skill set and ability. Real life practicum is the surest way to solidify the staff's comprehension of the presented material.

The program's curriculum and length can be adjusted for each Client and their individual service training needs as it is fully customized and personalized to them.

Please contact us at: rebecca@montgomery-agency.com for more information or to schedule a consultation.


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